Autism, The Road to Recovery, is the most up-to date and easy-to read book for the parent of a child (or adult) on the autism spectrum. It is full of how to treat the most significant medical problems of the person with autism as well as any common side-effects. This book should be in the possession of every parent of a child with autism.

– Dr. William Shaw, Great Plains Laboratory


Thank you again…and I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are so grateful and lucky to have you and your knowledge and caring to be able to help our kids, and be only a few keystrokes away. It is very comforting and my family appreciates you and all you do very much.”
— Valerie K., Website


As an osteopathic physician who treats children and adults on the autistic spectrum using osteopathy and biomedical intervention, I am continually being faced with questions and challenging cases. Dr. Kurt Woeller has been a mentor as well as an invaluable resource for cutting-edge, up-to-date information regarding biomedical treatment for my patients.

Dr. Woeller has distilled years of experience treating children on the autistic spectrum into this very comprehensive, but easy to read book which provides a roadmap for the physician or parent interested in biomedical treatment.

The Road to Recovery is a very practical book — filled with recommendations you will not find in other books on autism. It should serve as a very useful guide for parents of autistic children – whether they are working with a biomedically trained physician or not. It is bound to make the journey toward healing less arduous and confusing for the parents.

– Keelyn Wu, DO, Osteopathic Healthcare of Maine

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